Calorie-Free Beauty Indulgences
Today's Beauty Tip
If all the treats of fall tend to make you overindulge, then why not try some deliciously scented beauty products that'll keep you out of the candy jar and on the straight and narrow when it comes to your diet? There are lots of fruity, sweet... Read More
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Rock Your Halloween Costume
Anybody can walk into a Halloween costume store and plop down $50 for a generic costume-in-a-bag and be ready to go as anything from a...
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How To Find The Perfect Jeans
Jeans can be some of the most versatile items in your closet. They're probably the only articles of clothing that you can fashionably...
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Travel Toiletries: On-the-Go Must-haves
Most people think of airline travel when they hear "travel toiletries", yet many of these pocket-sized conveniences are just as at home...
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