Sneak Fruits and Veggies into Kids Meals
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When it comes to getting your children to eat their fruits and vegetables, you may not win the battle, but you can definitely win the war. The secret is to get sneaky. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that adults and... Read More
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Smoothie Operator: Tempting Frozen Drinks
Have you ever tried to get your child to drink a V8? It's a lost cause. But if you hide the vegetables in smoothies, desserts and entrées, then you can get your kid to gulp down a serving of...
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Healthy Ways to Satisfy the Family Sweet Tooth
Dessert takes on a new meaning when you try to work the word "healthy" into it. You can tell by the looks on your husband and kids' faces that they have visions of dry, hard, granola bars and vegetables...
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Baby-Feeding Options for Working Mothers
Significant events in the 20th century resulted in changes in family dynamics. War, technological advances, and shifts in economics caused women to work outside of the home. Women traditionally stayed...
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