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Thursday, January 21, 2021
Most of the day's transits take place before we even wake up this morning, but they work together to set the tone for the day. It starts with a moon-Uranus conjunction that involves impulsivity, not just with our own behavior and that of the people around us but also with events that take place and abruptly change the course of our plans. If at all possible, be prepared to have to turn on a dime at a moment's notice. Be like a Boy Scout today and be prepared. Trusting your intuition about how to move forward is heightened today thanks to this transit, so at least you have that working in your favor.

This aspect is combined with the conjunction between the moon and Mars, the planet of war. Without a just cause to fight for, you could find yourself getting irritable and agitated. But if there is an injustice to battle, you should channel your energy into that.

Finally, the moon squares Jupiter this morning, which can bring with it the mellow vibe we all need to level out the intense emotions from the other two transits. It provides a sense of calm and well-being, so with any luck, this will be the only aspect you experience. You do, however, want to be very cautious of ducking any commitments you've made to partners or colleagues. This peaceful transit can also bring a tendency to lower one's expectations of self if you let it.
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