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Wednesday, January 27, 2021
The word "hypersensitivity" comes to mind regarding the moon-Neptune trine in the early morning hours. And it's not just because you'll be more easily emotionally influenced, although that's true in this case. You'll also have more sensitivity in creative endeavors as well as intuitive ones!

Your imagination can carry you through the entire day if you let it, and it's probably the sweet spot if you want to avoid some of the complications that could come later when the moon opposes Venus. With the already heightened state of emotions combined with the almost desperate need for affection and attention it's probably best to stay away from trying to connect emotionally with any new people. You could come across as clingy. If you already have a partner, try not to hang all over them in a way that may not be appreciated!

Later, the moon opposes Pluto, and you'll likely start to process some very irrational ideas. Everyone entertains notions like this from time to time, but usually you can shake it off and ground yourself in more truth, but this seems to be a challenge today. Take some long, thoughtful walks, paint something grandiose, finish a creative project around the house, or do some journaling before trying to talk about your feelings. But don't try to hide them or pretend everything is fine. Others will know.
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